I am Shasha— a marketer and F&B enthusiast who host community events on my free time.

Diploma in Food Service Management  |  Degree: Business Admin (Hons.) Marketing

The first seven (7) years of my working life I was in F&B full-time (family business), being involved mostly in operations. In those years have also pursued my degree in marketing on a part-time basis. I then spend teh next  five (5) years in a marketing agency startup and a marketing focused SAAS platform. 

Fast forward to 2022 I realised that I found fulfilment in helping SME's achieve their business goal, equipped with realistic expectation. I work closely with the business or product owners to identify the 'SWOT' analysis and find the solution they need.

 Often times agencies would give promises to lock in the customer with a contract. However, often times the packages while marketing wise sound does not always take into consideration the business's readiness, ending up in a lose-lose situation.

Shasha CV 2023.pdf